We do not charge for an initial consultation, it’s totally free! We will come to your property and give you an honest appraisal of what would be required to make your project a success.

We can explore your ideas, expand on them and suggest alternative solutions if required. All projects are met with an enthusiastic, realistic and positive response whether a residential extension, a complex listed building or any other type of development.

When deciding on who to engage on your building project, it is worth keeping in mind that the cheapest option is not always the best, as with many things in life. Very occasionally, we may not be needed at all. If this is the case, we will advise you of the best way forward. Our honesty is part of what makes us successful and why we retain many clients.


The measured survey is the starting point for most schemes. It enables the preparation of accurate scaled drawings of the building. This is an art as well as a drafting exercise as it involves an understanding of how the building was originally constructed.

The end result is a full set of detailed drawings showing the building ‘as existing'. The building can now be presented as floor plans, sections and external elevations. It is now possible for all concerned to see the building as it currently exists and begin to image what may be possible.


Our aim is to create spaces that offer the best response to the brief we are given.  Space, light and materials are the core elements of our design ethic.

We are experienced in working with period buildings as well as new-build, and enjoy the challenge of blending old and new.

We love what we do, and try to make each project as enjoyable and stress-free as possible for our clients.


As well as working for private clients, whose main objective is to add to and improve their homes, we also work for property developers who need to make a financial profit from their projects. Not only do we help our client's achieve their aspirations, we also guide them through the project and add value to each project through good design and sound construction. From our experiences of working in both sectors of the residential market, we have developed techniques and expertise, which help maximise the financial potential of any project. We also look at the results of our projects in financial terms so we can state with confidence that the work we do for clients adds value to their property investments.


Our relationship with the various Planning Departments is exemplary. This has been built upon over many years, which means that there is a solid mutual understanding. We have a thorough knowledge of the ever increasing complexities of the Planning process.

We will present your proposals in a favourable way to the Local Planning Authority. Too often, proposals are rejected purely due to poor presentation. We are renowned for our problem-solving capabilities. Some of our projects have seemed impossible to achieve, yet we know that, with a little tweaking and a lot of patience, solutions can be found and Planning Permission can be granted.

We enjoy the challenge of securing difficult Planning Consents for our clients and have had great success in doing so.


The Building Regulations protect the health and wellbeing of the occupiers of a building. Most projects require approval under the Building Regulations, as well as Planning Permission. These can be considered the two minimum regulations your project has to comply with.

The Building Regulations are ever changing and standards are constantly being improved. We are experts at achieving approval under the Building Regulations and again have a very solid working relationship with the Local Authority Building Control Officers.

We can also lead a team of consultants who may be required to support a Building Regulations Application.


We are also able to provide the following additional services amongst others:

    •    Feasibility Studies
    •    Drawings for Licensing Applications
    •    Conveyancing Drawings for HM Land Registry
    •    Full Project Services
    •    Production Information
    •    Working Drawings
    •    Construction Drawings
    •    Preparation of tender Packages
    •    Advice on selection of Sub-Consultants
    •    Advice on selection of Main Contractors

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your proposals. You can be assured that all potential projects are treated with the same level of professional approach and attention to detail.